Latin Adventure Tours recently caught up with one of our clients after her return from Panama with her family. Ms. Manicki and her husband took their family of five to Panama to celebrate her husband’s birthday in Panama.  So we couldn’t wait to hear what they thought of our agency and their trip.

This is what Ms. Manicki had to say:

WOW! I cannot rave enough about the amazing attention that Scott gave to our trip. I have never used a travel agent or consultant and after our experience, I will definitely use his services again.

 When I called Scott and told him my thoughts on what I’d like to see, what we’d like to do and the ages and number in our party I wasn’t sure how we’d get it all done. In reality our trip needed to be longer than I originally thought it should be and I am so very thankful to Scott for guiding me along in the planning process. We went for 9 glorious days, did everything that we wanted to do, and even found time to rest. He has really done his homework and teams up with only the best guides, lodging facilities, restaurants and services all the while making sure that we stayed in our budget.

 I wanted a super special trip for my husband for a big birthday and we really got so much more than I ever thought. Whether it was a city tour, a hike in the rain forest, a trip to an indigenous tribe, zip lining, waking up in the Gamboa Rainforest, a visit to a coffee plantation, we had guides that shared the rich history of Panama with us and prepared us for the finale – the trip down the Panama Canal.

By the time we got there we had heard so many beautiful stories and were able to read about so much of the history that we truly had an appreciation for all that has gone into that beautiful wonder of the world. My husband’s great grandpa worked on the Panama Canal so for us it was absolutely perfect!!! I would be happy to share more of my experience in working with Panama Travel Consultants and Latin Adventure Tours with anyone who is considering using Scott’s services. We had an amazing trip of a lifetime, traveling with our teens and 20 something and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

I am excited to hear about the travel services that are now offered to other places and hoping to take another amazing trip, to a different venue, in 2015.”

We’re so glad Ms. Manicki and her family enjoyed their trip and I’m confident that Latin Adventure Tours can create the perfect package for you and your family too. Regardless of whether it’s for a special birthday or just because you want a fun getaway we can create a uniquely customized vacation centered on you and your needs. Call us today and let’s plan your Panama experience!

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