Now that summer here in the States, many people are already starting to plan their warm weather vacations for the winter of 2017. And one of the top, yet lesser-known (think less crowded) Caribbean destinations is Belize. The small country nestled between Mexico and Guatemala boasts a spectacular underwater playground for snorkelers, scuba divers, and […]

Now that the travel restrictions have lifted and US citizens are much more easily allowed to legally visit Cuba, why not grab hold of this amazing opportunity to visit a country that has been out of bounds for such a long time? Cuba has a lot for the traveller to enjoy and there are many […]

Machu Picchu is one of the world’s most iconic travel destinations yet it is not the least bit overrated. If you take just one adventurous type of trip in your lifetime I highly recommend Machu Picchu be your top choice.  Nestled in a dramatic natural setting, Machu Picchu was built on a narrow ridge between […]

The current Panama Canal Expansion project was approved by the people of Panama via a referendum in October in 2006 at the extraordinary cost of approximately $5.2 billion dollars.  The widening of the Panama Canal began in September 2007 as a means for doubling the capacity of the inter-oceanic passageway to meet the world’s growing […]

For years Colombia has gotten a bad reputation. News headlines and negative portrayals on television and in movies of security risks have made tourists fear and therefore avoid Colombia. However, these days more and more travelers are learning Colombia is a hidden vacation gem in plain sight.  The Weather Is Nearly Perfect  It’s unlikely you […]

The most frequent question asked by clients in the beginning stages of planning their trip to Panama is “What is there to see in Panama other than the Canal?”  The second most common inquiry is whether it is worth spending valuable vacation time to visit Panama City. My article recently published in and the […]

Picture a place that offers amazing hiking and mountain climbing, opportunities to watch wildlife in the rainforest, a vast array of history and culture, exotic dining experiences and relaxing spas and serene landscapes.  And of course there are the Galapagos Islands – offering some of the world’s most diverse and fascinating wildlife on both land […]

Latin Adventure Tours recently caught up with one of our clients after her return from Panama with her family. Ms. Manicki and her husband took their family of five to Panama to celebrate her husband’s birthday in Panama.  So we couldn’t wait to hear what they thought of our agency and their trip. This is what […]

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