Treasures of Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

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  • Duration: 8 days
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Experience the best of Columbia’s Caribbean coast beginning with a tour of colonial Cartagena, one of the most romantic cities in the Americas. Head east along the coast to Tayrona National Park where you’ll embark on an amazing rainforest hike in a spectacular natural setting. Relax on a secluded pristine beach where you can swim in the turquoise blue waters or take a leisurely walk while admiring the gorgeous setting. Stroll the cobblestone streets of Colombia’s oldest city, Santa Marta, while learning about the Tayrona Culture and visiting the second oldest Cathedral in the Americas before concluding your trip of a lifetime with last minute shopping in Cartagena.

Day 1

Welcome to Cartagena, Colombia!

Colombia’s most popular destination was founded in 1533 by Spanish Conquistador Don Pedro de Heredia as “Cartagena de Indias”. This beautiful colonial city rapidly became the gem of the Spanish Crowns’ territories. To protect it from continuous attacks by pirates, the largest wall fortress in America was built around it.

Cartagena hides Colonial, Republican and Italian architectural treasures in its residential, commercial, religious, military and governmental constructions. Cartagena de Indias was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site because of its colonial walled city; and just walking through to its cozy narrow streets is enough to understand why. The real joy of Cartagena is exploring its exhilarating narrow streets by foot or on a horse-carriage, an experience that awakens all senses with the flavors and warm breeze of its sunset, making it an incredibly romantic destination and the most fascinating Caribbean hidden treasure.

Overnight in Cartagena.

Day 2

Private Half Day Guided Walking Tour of Colonial Cartagena

Today’s walking tour beings at Bolivar Park which is shaded by large trees and has four fountains with a statue of the great Liberator in the middle. Surrounding the square is the Gold Museum, which exhibits its fine collection of archeological objects dating back to the pre-Hispanic period; and the Inquisition Palace, easily recognized by its large baroque door. The Inquisition held its meetings in the palace here and it was also the site of the prison and torture chambers for presumed heretics, opponents of the Catholic Church. The visit continues to Santo Domingo church, the Cathedral and ends at the Terraces and the Museum of the City’s Fortifications.

Following the tour and lunch in colonial Cartagena you will be transferred along the Caribbean coast to beautiful Tayrona National Park where you can enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure.

Overnight in Tayrona National Park.

Day 3

Full Day Trekking Tour of Tayrona National Park and Pueblito

This morning after breakfast you will venture out along the Caribbean coast to Tayrona National Park where you will hike to a little town called ‘Calabazo’. You will begin the hike along a pathway that leads to “Pueblito” through foothills offering spectacular views with immense rocks and exuberant vegetation. Upon arrival to Pueblito there’s the feeling of being at the heart of Tayrona’s civilization. The tropical flora and eerie silence seem appropriate here amongst ruins of terraces, homes, bridges, and stairways that lead to the beach.

Next you will continue walking to Cabo San Juan de Guía Beach where you can swim and relax on the beach. After lunch, the walk continues for 45 minutes to Cañaveral when you will return to your Cabana at Tayrona National Park by car.

Overnight in Tayrona National Park.

Day 4

Full Day Guided Tour of Taironaka

Taironaka is an ecological and archeological reserve within Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta which was inaugurated on June 15 2008. There you will find the remains of a Tayrona settlement. You will leave early in the morning for your 1.5 hrs. drive along the highway to Guajira. Along the way you will cross several rivers until arriving at Taironaka. In the midst of the spectacular natural setting is the Tayrona heritage. There are pathways, terraces, stairways, aqueducts and a ceremonial house that shows how the Tayrona people lived; and the Kogui, their ancestors, continue living. The Koguis inhabit the region in nearby river-basins and ecotourism is organized so it benefits these indigenous groups’ reservations and allows them to remain true to their native lifestyle and culture.

Overnight in Tayrona National Park.

Day 5

Leisure and Beach Day at the Tamaca Beach Resort

Located in front of El Rodadero bay with direct beach access, the Tamacá Beach Resort offers a tropical environment which is perfect for relaxing and enjoying a great tropical beach. The privileged location of the hotel was the ancestral place of worship for the Gaira indians. To celebrate very special occasions, they went to this site on pilgrimage from the Gaira small village to the beach, taking the royal path parallel to Tamacá stream.

Overnight at Tamaca Beach Resort.

Day 6

Half Day Guided Santa Marta City Tour

Today you will have the opportunity to visit the colonial district of Colombia’s oldest city, Santa Marta. Beginning at Santa Marta Bay is the monument to the Tayrona Gods. The Tayrona culture inhabited this region long-before the Spanish Conquistadores arrived. Admire the ‘Casa de la Aduana’ Museum, which makes part of the Anthropological and Ethnographic Museum where there’s a fine collection of Tayrona handcrafts and artifacts. The Cathedral is the second oldest in the Americas.

Next you will visit the “Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino” Villa, with its beautiful gardens where the great liberator Simón Bolívar passed away in 1830. Finally, you will take a scenic tour of the ‘Rodadero’ and fishing village of Taganga bays.

Overnight at Tamaca Beach Resort.

Day 7

Return Transfer to Cartagena and Remainder of Day at Leisure

Today you will return to Cartagena where you will have the remainder of the day at leisure. You might want to stroll the colonial city on your own or do some last minute shopping for gold or handicrafts before your flight home tomorrow. 

Overnight in Cartagena.

Day 8

Private Transfer from Hotel to Cartagena International Airport for Return Flight


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